Londo Lodge Reviews

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  1. Silvia said:

    Can only give Londo Lodge an A+ for the well executed service, excellent location with breath taking scenario, most excellent staff, beautiful rooms and very exotic gardens surrounding each compound. As this resort is located on the bay’s high ground there’s always a nice breeze to cool you down during the hot hours. With a very pleasant atmosphere Londo Lodge is most likely a place I will revisit in the future.

  2. Jeremy Caroline said:

    We’ve just returned from a three week honeymoon, a week of which was spent at Londo Lodge. Everything about this place is magical and we loved every minute of our time there. The setting is stunning, so much more beautiful than we had imagined from the website and the rooms are perfect. Built by locals using natural materials they are large, extremely comfortable and we loved the fact that you could open all the shutters and just admire the scenery from the comfort of your bed. Listening to the sound of the sea at night and feeling the cooling breeze blow through the room is really quite special.

    Equally as impressive as the rooms and the setting was the food. We were lucky enough to be there at the same time as the owners PJ and Evelyn and we can honestly say that Evelyn’s cooking is nothing short of world class. Every meal was unique – only the freshest local ingredients (mainly fish) were used and there wasn’t a single meal we wouldn’t eat over and over again. Highlights would have to be fresh whole crabs for lunch, the most incredible grilled king prawns and of course lobster. For pudding a home made coconut semifreddo was unbeatable.

    The service throughout was fantastic as well. PJ and Evelyn are amazing hosts and listening to the story of how they set up Londo Lodge was inspirational. They are supported by a charming and enthusiastic team who made our stay there so incredibly relaxing – we’ve never seen so many smiles! Everything happens at a nice gentle pace and we wanted for nothing.

    Suffice to stay we didn’t want to leave but we enjoyed Londo so much we already want to go back. This wasn’t like staying in an ordinary boutique hotel – we felt so comfortable and so happy there it was like staying in the home of close friends.

    If you’re looking for somewhere beautiful, natural and very laid back to stay we would highly recommend Londo Lodge.

  3. Kenny Bates said:

    I did’nt think to find out a place so good! Wonderful beach, beautyful lodge and, above all, superbe food!
    A place where come back!
    Just a small problem: too many jellyfishes … but it was just a matter of stream.
    Near the lodge there is a nice small village where the people are very friendly and needed of all.
    Nice place for remembering the sweet and bitter life’s taste.

  4. Caarna said:

    This is such a beautiful lodge and the views are jaw dropping. The villas are spacious and beautifully decorated. You feel privileged to spend time here.

    The staff is well trained and always hovering in the background to make sure that all your needs are met. Michael, the chef is totally amazing and the food is to die for. The scenic outdoor spa is well run by Mercy and we made sure that we had treatment every day. Her beautiful healing hands quickly got rid of all the locked up tension in our bodies.

    The lodge however lacks the loving warmth that makes one feel at home from the moment you step into it. It is very difficult to explain because you can not fault anything technically.

    In my opinion the lodge is run in the following way: “African experience with European attitude.” The attitude is obviously passed on from the owners to the staff and will not be so obvious to people who do not live in Africa.

  5. Norma said:

    The staff at Londo Lodge made our stay comfortable and memorable. The staff were attentive, anticipated all our needs for the stay, and they were genuinely helpful. The food prepared by Chef Michael was the best I’ve ever tasted in any five star hotels around the world. Well done Londo Lodge! I will return someday.

  6. Diane said:

    Londo Lodge is a unique boutique resort consisting of only six or seven bungalows located on the other side of the Pemba bay (20 min boat ride). This is the perfect place to unwind as staff stealthy takes care of your needs. While the owners were not present during our stay, we were very impressed by how smoothly the establishment was run. Down to earth duty manager Severino took well care of us as did Dive Master Altis and always joyful Basilio. Self taught Chef Michael delivered some fantastic and creative dishes we would have expected from a Michelin starred restaurant. What a fantastic crew.

    This is the ideal escape destination. What better way to wake up than from waves crashing against the rocks a few meters away while you lay on your Belgian mattress. The first thing you see when opening your eyes is the blue ocean simmering through the blinds. Bliss.

  7. Tristan K said:

    A quiet secluded location in exotic Mozambique, Londo Lodge is everything we needed and wished for! We are very happy we chose this over the three other options in Pemba (which I’m sure are quite nice too) But this place was very special. From the warm greetings of the staff from the moment you land on the beach of the resort to all the little special touches. We were the only guests that weekend at the hotel and it was so tranquil and peaceful. We had a wonderful room with a tree and private pool. The place is a bit expensive, but every bit worth it. While the food could see some improvement – and I say this coz I’m such a foodie and think there’s always room for more, we specially loved the spa after the sunset and the staff is really thoughtful and sweet.
    Meeting the owner PJ was fun and we had a great time chatting up with him about his many creative ideas to take the lodge and the area forward. We wish him all the luck and hope the Londo area (the village – which we visited) can benefit from the growth of Londo Lodge.
    It’s a perfect place to get away from the maddening crowd and rediscover yourself again. The beach is small but cute and beautiful. And great for snorkeling etc. The sunsets are perfect and the staff is a big strength. The lodge itself is done very nicely, in a light breezy way, which we loved. We are definitely going back again soon! :)

  8. Millissa said:

    This is probably the best place I have ever stayed. The food is incredible, the staff are the best and the location is perfect. Best holiday of my life so far…